Please note that this schedule is subject to change at short notice.
A Wi-Fi connection can therefore not be guaranteed eventhough it is scheduled as such.

Departure: Reykjavik (KEF)

Last updated:22.06.2017 14:10 GMT

Flight no.Arriving inScheduledStatus Wi-Fi
FI5000icelandair.airport.RKVKeyTranslationMissing (RKV)22.06.2017 11:30 GMTDeparted: 12:45 GMT-
FI212Copenhagen (CPH)22.06.2017 13:00 GMTEstimated Departure: 15:30 GMT-
FI524Frankfurt (FRA)22.06.2017 16:05 GMTScheduled-
FI454London (Heathrow) (LHR)22.06.2017 16:10 GMTScheduled
FI504Amsterdam (AMS)22.06.2017 16:15 GMTScheduled
FI657Minneapolis (MSP)22.06.2017 16:45 GMTScheduled-
FI671Denver (DEN)22.06.2017 16:45 GMTScheduled
FI693Edmonton (YEG)22.06.2017 16:45 GMTScheduled
FI853Chicago (ORD)22.06.2017 16:45 GMTScheduled-
FI645Washington D.C (Dulles) (IAD)22.06.2017 16:50 GMTScheduled-
FI603Toronto (YYZ)22.06.2017 17:00 GMTScheduled
FI615New York (KENNEDY) (JFK)22.06.2017 17:00 GMTScheduled-
FI623Newark (EWR)22.06.2017 17:00 GMTScheduled
FI631Boston (BOS)22.06.2017 17:00 GMTScheduled
FI681Seattle (SEA)22.06.2017 17:00 GMTScheduled-
FI805Montreal (YUL)22.06.2017 17:05 GMTScheduled-
FI673Denver (DEN)22.06.2017 17:10 GMTScheduled
FI665Portland OR (PDX)22.06.2017 17:15 GMTScheduled-
FI697Vancouver (YVR)22.06.2017 17:15 GMTScheduled
FI633Boston (BOS)22.06.2017 17:40 GMTScheduled
FI607Halifax (YHZ)22.06.2017 18:05 GMTScheduled
FI384Gothenburg (GOT)23.06.2017 00:30 GMTScheduled-
FI202Copenhagen (CPH)23.06.2017 01:00 GMTScheduled-
FI352Helsinki (HEL)23.06.2017 01:00 GMTScheduled
FI540Paris (Charles de Gaulle) (CDG)23.06.2017 01:05 GMTScheduled
FI316Oslo (OSL)23.06.2017 01:10 GMTScheduled
FI304Stockholm (ARN)23.06.2017 01:15 GMTScheduled
FI532Munich (MUC)23.06.2017 07:20 GMTScheduled
FI568Zürich (ZRH)23.06.2017 07:20 GMTScheduled-
FI520Frankfurt (FRA)23.06.2017 07:25 GMTScheduled-
FI342Helsinki (HEL)23.06.2017 07:30 GMTScheduled
FI306Stockholm (ARN)23.06.2017 07:35 GMTScheduled-
FI430Glasgow (GLA)23.06.2017 07:35 GMTScheduled
FI450London (Heathrow) (LHR)23.06.2017 07:40 GMTScheduled-
FI500Amsterdam (AMS)23.06.2017 07:40 GMTScheduled-
FI542Paris (Charles de Gaulle) (CDG)23.06.2017 07:40 GMTScheduled
FI548Paris (Orly) (ORY)23.06.2017 07:40 GMTScheduled
FI554Brussels (BRU)23.06.2017 07:40 GMTScheduled
FI204Copenhagen (CPH)23.06.2017 07:45 GMTScheduled
FI470London (Gatwick) (LGW)23.06.2017 07:45 GMTScheduled
FI318Oslo (OSL)23.06.2017 07:50 GMTScheduled-
FI510Hamburg (HAM)23.06.2017 07:50 GMTScheduled
FI272Billund (BLL)23.06.2017 08:00 GMTScheduled-
FI338Bergen (BGO)23.06.2017 08:00 GMTScheduled
FI440Manchester (MAN)23.06.2017 08:00 GMTScheduled
FI206Copenhagen (CPH)23.06.2017 08:30 GMTScheduled-
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